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Our certified and extensively experienced service specialists offer a variety of extended services to all of our customers. From property additions to restorations, we strive to do it all while conveniently being a one-stop-shop for our customers! Each and every one of our professionals perform all services with budgetary constraints, efficiency, safety, customization, and convenience in mind. This not only sets us aside from our competitors but proves that our customer's happiness is our priority.

The service specialists of HHB Homes INC offer an extensive variety of extended services that allow you to customize your home or office building. These extended services include site development, property development, land development, tree removal, foliage removal, concrete demolition, structure demolition, fire restoration, water restoration including hail, rain, element, and natural disaster damage. Our company aims to be the most efficient and diverse general contracting company there is out there offering completely custom services, which is why we also provide property additions. These property additions include guest homes, guest suites, room additions, room conversions, and much more! If you're ready to start building or remodeling your dreams, you know who to call!



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Land Development

HHB Homes INC is a licensed and insured general contracting business with the certifications to assist with land development of all aspects when doing custom builds. Our specialists assist with all permitting details for land development. With our specialized service experience, we are able to take care of all land developmental needs and get the approved permits to do so. We have all the equipment at hand to perform all land developmental services with no need to outsource.

We offer a variety of land development services. Some of our land development services include but are certainly not limited to the demolition of buildings, new designs, removal of waste and building particles, excavation of any piping or lines, disposal of all materials that are deemed unusable. Our professionals will take care of it all as well as assist with all removal and disposal elements.

Fire & Water Restoration

One of our extended services is the restoration of elements. This includes water restoration and fire restoration. Our water restoration servicing includes any stormwater damage, water extraction as well as any pipes that may have burst. In order to keep our customers safe and healthy, HHB Homes INC offers inspections and assessments rapidly and with priority to ensure that any section of your home that is wet does not augment the growth of mold and bacteria. We care about our customers and provide exceptional extended services such as these as well as helpful tips and advice for safety.

Our fire restoration service includes smoke removal, which is an extensively complex task that should only be performed by certified professionals such as the ones HHB Homes INC has available. While fires can be traumatic, our specialists will help you get back on your feet with numerous resources as well as providing emergency services and safety advice and precautions.


Property Additions

In addition to our offered custom home builds, we provide property additions. This includes both home additions and office additions. Our professionals are certified to perform a variety of property additions. These include but are not limited to guest home and suite additions, room additions, extended living accommodations, living and dining room additions, bathroom additions, and much more! We provide home flooring additions as well as on-site evaluations. Additionally, our specialists have the certification to subdivide your home or lot and increase your values.

On top of our property additions, our immensely experienced staff can perform all needed upgrades for both the interior portions and exterior portions of your home. Whether you want to upgrade your flooring, add a fireplace, or simply add new window panels and door frames, our certified specialists are ready to assist you every step of the way while allowing you to customize each choice to fit your personal taste.

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