A Truly Custom Homes Begins With You, The Customer!

HHB Homes INC has experienced and certified specialists who are particularly trained in the customization of home builds. Our professionals offer top of the line assessments along with any needed permitting while allowing you to customize your dream home. We work alongside agencies to compose the perfect building plans and make each dream a reality. With specialization in high-end custom home designing and building, we strive to make each dream come to life while allowing our customers to choose their designing from start to finish.

From picking out the land and developing to customizing building and construction projects, we encourage you to be a part of it all! By allowing you to customize your new home build, you get everything you desire and will not be disappointed! We provide heavy-duty inspections of all aspects of your new build as well as final walkthroughs to ensure your dream home is up to code, quality, efficiency, safety, and importantly, your standards! In addition to our offered home customization builds, we offer remodeling and renovating in both home and office capabilities.



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Site Assessment & Consultation

Our exceptionally experienced specialists are qualified and insured to assist with numerous variables that come along with building a new custom home. Our service professionals provide all custom home build estimates and bids. HHB Homes INC assists with any land development and building permitting to ensure all custom builds are up to code and the highest standards possible. We provide design walkthroughs as well as mapping design assessments. Our outstanding servicing staff works around the clock to provide convenient and open availability for scheduling services.

We additionally offer estimates and bids on any of our extended services. This includes any remodeling, our home or office remodels, our home or office renovations, custom remodeling, labor and construction, custom mapping and designing, land development, permitting, fire and water restorations, element restorations, property additions, upgrades, and much more! Please feel free to call ahead if you have additional questions regarding our site assessment or consultation services.

Mapping & Design

HHB Homes INC provides remarkable and extensively experienced servicing staff that are immensely qualified in all aspects of custom home mapping and designing. We offer our customers the ability to customize their entire build to their personal liking as well as ensuring it is all properly up to code and safety standards. When constructing the proper mapping and design blueprint, our professionals are certified to perform any building permitting, helping make the process that much easier. While working alongside agencies, we strive to be a one-stop-shop for all of our customers.

We pride ourselves on reducing the headache that comes with the process of building a new custom home. We are here for our customers to lean on! While our clients simply pick out the customizations of their new home builds, we take care of the rest! We offer estimates on all services. We take care of any needed permitting and scheduling with your convenience as our priority. We handle all material procurement and construction to ensure you can just sit back and watch your dream home be created in reality!


Labor & Construction

Our certified and experienced specialists are experts in all features of labor and construction aspects of new home builds. We believe strongly in being efficient, timely, and convenient for all of our customers without sacrificing the quality of our services. We provide unmeasurable servicing with budget-friendly rates! HHB Homes INC provides licensed, insured, and experienced professionals that are certified in all updated building safety codes and permitting.

Reliability, safety, and efficiency are amongst our top priorities while building your custom designed home. We pair with agencies to ensure all codes are properly sought after and accomplished, along with keeping your customization a top priority as well. All of our services are performed by our certified and experienced professionals in a timely and convenient manner. All of our specialists are warranted to perform inspections to ensure services are properly up to date with safety and codes as well as walkthroughs as a promise to our customers that their dream home has been built to their satisfaction.

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